Mardo El-Noor

Mardo is a hybrid-practitioner who has his fingers in many creative pies. With a Master degree in art and design & a past musical career, he found his calling in visual arts, particularly moving image.

He has a solid foundation in graphic design, which spring-boarded him into creating high end Motion GFX for ads & branding content. His skilled range allows him to create unique commercial content, music videos and animations. As a graphic designer, photographer and motion graphics artist, he focuses more on creating eye candy than narrative. His moving image
content borrows from disparate creative disciplines, such as poster art, UI, typography, portraiture and classical art.
Mardo is a CreativeNZ funding assessor & a recipient of the 2016 Art Venture Award. His work was recently exhibited at The NZ Parliament, Waikato Museum, & Tauranga Art Gallery. He also made three short animated films which premiered at NZIFF in 2009, 2010 & 2011, & have screened at many film festivals around the globe.

When he’s not busy at work, you’ll find him creating hyperrealistic photographic portraits or upcycling furniture in his workshop.