Carey Hollinger

I am a film maker who specializes in connecting with Millennial to Baby Boomer audiences. I use a mixture of vérité, real people and documentarian styles to create media pieces with a touch of humor in a cinematic tone that transcend traditional commercial spaces.

I'm for people and their stories. I'm at home in the street, on the road, in a paddock, up a mountain or deep in a jungle.

I produce consistent results by way of a confident, lighthearted, personable approach that puts people at ease by engaging in conversation.

Here are some hot takes about me: Most of the time you’ll find me with a dog in my, sorry, her backpack. Rubbish surfer. Snowboard a lot. Motorbiking. Travel and that. Long running jokes. Call backs. Occasional pun. Extensive rap lyric knowledge. Some what funny. Decent human

Cut my teeth in Toronto, and Los Angeles. I soon, actually probably not soon enough, learned that the winters in Toronto are too long, and the traffic in LA is too miserable. I now head back and forth from New Zealand and enjoy both in smaller doses. To quote the late, great, Biggie Smalls; “Cali, great place to visit.”